Webinar : Supercritical CO2 Modelling Perfected


Tuesday 24th September 2019 – 12pm EST


We invite you and your colleagues to an introduction covering the full suite of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide modelling capabilities within Flownex Simulation Environment.


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The webinar will cover all major components in a supercritical CO2 (sCO2) cycle, to various degrees of complexity. Ranging from using performance charts to detailed system configuration. Both steady-state studies, as well as a dynamic analysis of transient effects and control responses, will be highlighted.


A few words about Flownex


Flownex simultaneously solves mass, momentum and energy in conjunction with two-phase fluid properties for system models. This makes it ideal for modelling supercritical CO2 cycles where key design parameters can be analyzed and optimized.

Developed in an ISO 9001:2015 quality assurance system and NQA1 supplier approved environment, Flownex is bringing nuclear quality and standards to system simulation.


The right tool to design sCO2 cycle


  • Evaluate different sCO2 cycle configurations
  • Optimize cycle efficiency with changes in cycle parameters
  • Develop detailed component specifications

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    The right tool to design control system


    • Build a virtual DCS using the extensive control component library
    • Integrate the control system with the uid system model in the same software environment
    • Determine the optimal transducer locations for fast and stable control of the plant
    • Tune PID controllers in a virtual plant environment and save time during commissioning of the plant

    Join the community


    Various Flownex License holders are already using Flownex as their preferred tool for modelling sCO2 cycles, so be sure to join us on this exciting webinar.

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    GTI utilizes Flownex to simulate and optimize the transient operational ranges of components in their modeling of power plants, such as those that apply sCO2 power cycle technology.


    “Flownex has a friendly user interface and simple modeling tasks that can be learned quickly. Their support team has also been very responsive in assisting us with the modeling of more complex systems.”

    Megan Huang – Principal Engineer – GTI


    The Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, uses Flownex to extensively model the transient operation of their 100kW sCO2 test loop. The predicted thermodynamic states of components are used to develop advanced control algorithms and stable operational regimes.


    To assist or for more details , please contact us.



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