Webinar : How Simulation May Drive Your Appliances Design


Thursday 28th March – 11am EST

Sophisticated appliance design is underpinned by complex mechanical and electrical requirements and demands advanced engineering knowledge in dynamics, structures, fluids, thermodynamics and controls. This calls for an in-depth understanding of both market expectations and engineering dynamics at system level.

Most of all, the ability to evaluate product performance before identifying specific requirements accelerates the subsequent adaptation to regional peculiarities. Connecting all players doing similar tasks is crucial for identifying not just a single solution, but a set of solutions so as to map out the relevant space before laying down the requirements. Balancing individual and team workloads based on such flexible approach is challenging task which can be tackled only with appropriate mindset and tools.

We will show you how to allow a range of end-users to have access to consistent system models from a Simulation view, a Design view or a Manager view.

You will learn during this webinar, how to :

  • Simulate fluid models, thermal model or multibody model.
  • Integrate the various simulation tools into a common collaborative environment
  • Test quickly various possible options for your design
  • Reduce your cost.


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