VOLTA brings people, processes and technology together

VOLTA helps redefine product development and embrace digital transformation.

Make your design teams collaborate on a web environment and benefit from Simulation Process and Data Management (SPDM), optimization and data analysis technologies to accelerate innovation and deliver better products faster.

Create, capture, cultivate simulation knowledge. Apply artificial intelligence throughout the business process.

VOLTA platform simplifies the product development process. It enables teams to connect anytime and anywhere to the design projects through an easy-touse collaborative web interface. Simulation experts can create and automate the logical steps of the simulation process from a single workflow. Design engineers can then execute and reuse the workflow models. On top, they can apply Intelligent algorithms to explore the design space, find the optimal solutions and innovate the product in less time.

The design exploration and optimization studies produce massive amounts of data. State-of-the-art web-based analytics and visualization tools enable data analysts to handle such information volumes effectively and turn them into valuable insights. Decision makers can then access product performance metrics to quickly compare the effectiveness of the optimization strategy and decide on design solutions.

Many teams can simultaneously work on VOLTA and execute many simulations. This may take hundreds or thousands of runs and a huge amount of computational load. Exploiting the Distributed Execution, VOLTA allows to manage local and remote computer resources and run simulation processes in parallel. This results in a reduction of the lead time and a maximization of the IT investment.