SPH simulation of oil storage tank rupture

SPH simulation may help you to predict factory flooding risks in case of oil storage tank rupture

Nextflow Software will show you how to simulate this at low cost.

Simulation Goals

  • To optimize safety facilities design
  • To prevent environment disaster

The tank rupture simulation

It will show a typical tank rupture simulation, showing the maximum height reached by the oil.

To prevent the damage, the height of the wall is increased and its strength assessed.

A second simulation presents the solution with adapted wall height.

Key takeaways

  • Companies may used CFD at all development steps of a new or existing infrastructure in the oil and gas industry
  • CFD simulation helps ensure safety environment & performance standards:
    • Lower risks in factory facilities design (liquid leak, fire, damage. etc.)
    • Define & optimize efficiently safety equipments, at low cost & in reduced time
  • SPH approach can easily take into account a lot of geometries of the existing infrastructure with limited engineering effort

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