Seamless and easy-to-use solution for multi-body dynamics

RecurDyn is Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) software that is focused on Multibody Dynamics (MBD), while offering multiphysics solutions.

The technology behind RecurDyn has superior calculation efficiency because it is based on recursive formulation. Because of this, RecurDyn gives the best performance in large-scale multibody problems (systems with a large number of bodies), including mechanical systems that experience a lot of contact.

The unique Recursive Dynamics solver technology represents one of the most efficient ways in solving MultiBody Dynamics equation of motions today, providing high-rated solver robustness and reliability at the same time. All this future oriented technology is embedded in a modern GUI with a clear focus on “intuition”, following standard software handling rules.

RecurDyn’s GUI is very powerful, it is easy to use because of its intuitive design. It contains a completely integrated environment for model development, simulation, and analysis of results. Pre-processing for model creation and parameter definition and post-processing for analyzing the results is integrated directly into the GUI. Bodies defined in industrial standard CAD formats can be imported to define the properties and the geometry of bodies. A wide range of customization options also exist in the GUI to improve productivity by automating common tasks.

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