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Flownex Simulation Environment delivers technology that enables you to study how systems will behave in the real world, where fluid is the driving factor. Flownex relays the overall effect of changing specific properties on components, allowing clients to examine extensively all possible variations in the design and optimization of systems.

Flownex is developed in quality assurance system environment and is the only software of its kind to hold a nuclear accreditation, a testament to the quality, reliability and accuracy.

Flownex Simulation Environment enables you to design and optimize any system where fluid is the driving factor:

  • Heat and flow losses for incompressible, compressible and multiphase fluid,
  • All industial systems in oil and gas, mines, process or energy domains,
  • Water hammer computation and sizing of any piping network.

A very easy Graphical User Interface dedicated to beginners as well as to experts who would like to take profit of the ANSYS Workbench Integration, giving results in a few minutes on a common PC or Laptop.

Flownex is a simulation software with high level of quality, reliability and accuracy:

  • developed in an ISO 9001:2008 and NQA1 quality assurance system environment,
  • the only software of its kind to hold a nuclear accreditation.

Moving particle simulation mesh-less CFD


Particleworks is fluid dynamics simulation software based on the recently developed MPS (Moving Particle Simulation) formulation. This method is especially useful for simulations that involve free fluid surfaces. It represents the fluid as a very large collection of particles, and therefore, it does not require a complex mesh.

Particleworks achieves very high computational efficiency through the use of gradient and Laplacian models of the Navier-Stokes equations, which are the fundamental equations of fluid dynamics. Particleworks is already used by a large number of industries in various fields.

Particleworks also allows to account for:

  • Heat transfer between fluids, solids, walls
  • Bubbles simulation
  • Non-Newtonian fluids
  • Mixing of different fluids or powder

Piping & equipment analysis and sizing suite

Pass Suite

Piping simulation requires highly specialized CAE software that incorporates knowledge of piping behaviour delivered efficiently to any process and piping engineer or designer in an easy to use form for every day work.

The PASS software tools combine embedded intelligence with powerful capabilities to make piping and equipment analysis practical for every engineer and designer while reducing the time, effort, and cost to perform the analysis. The result is smart simulation and sizing tools for every piping and equipment engineer/designer that enable new users to perform piping/equipment analysis in days rather than months.

PASS covers all main aspects of pipeline analysis including:

  • Piping systems stress, fatigue, and stability analysis & sizing
  • Equipment stress analysis for vessels, columns, tanks, and heat exchangers
  • Nozzle-Shell Junction stress and flexibility analysis
  • Piping systems fluid flow and thermal analysis & sizing
  • Industrial thermal insulation calculation
  • Pressure relief system sizing

Seamless and easy-to-use solution for multi-body dynamics


RecurDyn is Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) software that is focused on Multibody Dynamics (MBD), while offering multiphysics solutions.

The technology behind RecurDyn has superior calculation efficiency because it is based on recursive formulation. Because of this, RecurDyn gives the best performance in large-scale multibody problems (systems with a large number of bodies), including mechanical systems that experience a lot of contact.

The unique Recursive Dynamics solver technology represents one of the most efficient ways in solving MultiBody Dynamics equation of motions today, providing high-rated solver robustness and reliability at the same time. All this future oriented technology is embedded in a modern GUI with a clear focus on “intuition”, following standard software handling rules.

RecurDyn’s GUI is very powerful, it is easy to use because of its intuitive design. It contains a completely integrated environment for model development, simulation, and analysis of results. Pre-processing for model creation and parameter definition and post-processing for analyzing the results is integrated directly into the GUI. Bodies defined in industrial standard CAD formats can be imported to define the properties and the geometry of bodies. A wide range of customization options also exist in the GUI to improve productivity by automating common tasks.

Optimization & process automation


modeFRONTIER is a comprehensive multidisciplinary and multiobjective optimization solution.

Its innovative algorithms and effective integration with leading simulation tools ease the engineering process. In numerous industries, modeFRONTIER has become essential for increasing the understanding of cost/performance factors and reducing product development time.

The comprehensive solution for process automation and optimization in the engineering design process. modeFRONTIER modular environment is key to reduce complexity, improve efficiency and cut development time.

The platform guarantees the management of all logical steps of an engineering design process and the workflow formalization and the integration with third party tools enable the automation of the simulation process.

A suite of design of experiments and optimization algorithms drive the search for optimal solutions. Picking the right design gets easier with a set of advanced tools for data analysis and visualization and decision making.

Collaborative data management


Orchestrate engineering data and run simulation projects across team. Aggregate product and process data into a single, share repository. Quickly set-up and maintain a safe enterprise system tailored to your needs. Connect from any location, anytime from computer and mobile devices.

Leverage knowledge, resources and computing power within a single framework with VOLTA web platform for multidisciplinary business process optimization and simulation data management.

Tracking changes and capturing engineering knowledge becomes easy and leads to effective enterprise IP protection. VOLTA keeps teams on track by allowing to concurrently compare, validate and decide on design solutions with advanced data intelligence tools.

Running on multicore workstations, HPC clusters and public clouds, VOLTA efficiently manages distributed execution engines, while ensuring respect of security standards.


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