VENTO AEC is a Wind Engineering software exclusively developed for urban planners, structural engineers and risk analysts. The first CFD software specially developed for the AEC market sector. Civil Engineers and Architects will master its use with no required previous CFD experience.

VENTO AEC product is the first CFD software exclusively developed for Architects and Constrution Engineers, capable of importing BIM-IFC files. it integrates the “piccolo CAD”​, a tool that allows to import, simplify and possibly adjust IGES and STEP files.

Focused on typical applications

  • Wind Load : the forces, moments and pressure distributions on buildings, structures, windows and facades which are exerted by the wind can be used for the structural stress analysis
  • Comfort : the wind may cause discomfort in urban outdoor spaces intended for recreational usage, in stadiums as well as in balconies and terraces. Their design should aim to make them usable and comfortable for the most days
  • Natural ventilation : the wind can be used to ventilate indoor spaces such as buildings, shopping malls, tunnels, mines and stations. A design that aims to use the natural ventilation can limit or eliminate the use of forced ventilation
  • Contaminant transport : smoke and toxis gas leakages are transported by the wind in urban areas, and in industrial or environmental sites. Knowing where they are transported and how much time it takes to get where, represent invaluable information for prevention and safety



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