Nextspace makes complex data from multiple sources simple to consume, manage and interact with.


It all started with a company called CADS, who were one of the first Autodesk resellers in New Zealand. Out of CADS came Right Hemisphere, a digital twin software company concentrating mostly U.S. automotive and aerospace companies.  Right Hemisphere also invented the 3D PDF and Deep Paint 3D software.

Prior to being acquired by SAP (Visual Enterprise suite), Right Hemisphere founded in 2007Nextspace to develop digital twin technologies in particular for local government, AEC, transport and infrastructure/utilities.

Right Hemisphere was founded by Nextspace’s current CEO, Mark Thomas, and was a leading provider of 3D visual enterprise solutions based in California and New Zealand.

Namely Bruce, a SaaS solution, can integrate all kinds of 2D and 3D spatial and non-spatial data to create a common viewing, collaboration, editing and management experience. Combining the information in your world into a single, holistic view to simplify access, sharing and integration of data for all.

After SAP acquired Right Hemisphere in 2011, Nextspace develop two solutions: 


  • XMpLant is a data interchange tool with interfaces to major plant and process design systems. 
  • XMpLant is the premier solution for the translation of 3D Plant and Process data from systems such as Aveva PDMS and Hexagon PDS to the open ISO 15926 format and beyond.  
  • XMpLant makes it possible to cost efficiently access and interpret your CAD data and create a fully compliant ISO 15926 or IFC data repository. 


  • Bruce is a brand new cloud-based digital twin solution that brings GIS, CAD, BIM, Point Clouds and other 2D/3D data together.
  • Bruce is a cloud-based software solution that is designed to make the creation of “digital twins” as easy as possible.  It does this by amalgamating data, graphics and documents together around a visual representation in time and space.  
  • Bruce is primarily a data engine and entity management system with data schema mapping, merging and standards management tools. 

Asset data, work orders, files, point clouds, photogrammetry, CAD, BIM and GIS data can be brought together, integrated, analysed and visualised in a web browser with no compromise 3D/2D performance.

With Bruce, bring together all types of spatial and non-spatial data, from single or multiple sources, into a seamless interface that does not necessarily supersede existing applications but complements them, and the data within them, with new UI and amalgamated understanding.

In collaboration with Fluids & Co, Nextspace will offer its products in North America and Europe.


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