M-Tech Industrial is a Royal Bafokeng Holdings owned, ISO9001:2008 certified multi-disciplinary consulting engineering company headquartered in Potchefstroom, in the North-West province of South Africa. M-Tech applies fundamental knowledge to real problems (generating research and leading technological solutions in line with industry need) in a quality orientated environment. They also have the ability to put together client customized solutions.

Their major competitive advantage is founded in the field of energy systems, both on the supply-side and the demand-side. M-Tech specialises in heat transfer, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), integrated system analyses and optimization applied to the design, construction and commissioning of energy systems.

M-Tech’s main software product is Flownex, a thermal-fluid systems simulation and design code. The code provides the ability to simulate, design and optimize complete integrated thermal-fluid systems based on fundamental principles, similar to that of conventional Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) codes.


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