Comprehensive Solution for Piping Hydraulic & Thermal Analysis


We invite process, piping and mechanical engineers and designers to join our overview webinars on PASS/HYDROSYSTEM!

Date: 27 February 2020

Time options:

APAC: 11:30-13:00 IST (UTC +5:30)

EMEA: 11:00-12:30 CET (UTC +1:00)

AMER: 11:30-12:00 AST (UTC -4:00)

Duration: 1.5 hours

Cost: Free

Registration: pre-registration is required


PASS/HYDROSYSTEM provides diameter selection, heat and hydraulic analysis of steady state flow in piping systems of any complexity, including networks with loops. It also covers the most dangerous type of transitional flow related to liquid surge (water hammer).

First introduced in 1977 and blessed by piping hydraulic world-known guru Idelchik, PASS/HYDROSYSTEM has since then evolved into one of the most powerful piping flow analysis tools.

The webinar will be useful for any process, piping and mechanical engineers who are looking for powerful but easy to use piping fluid flow analysis tool.

Key related industries: Oil & gas, Chemical, Power and others.


During the webinar, we will cover main features of PASS/HYDROSYSTEM. You will learn:

  • how PASS/HYDROSYSTEM user interface and data input are organized
  • how to calculate pressure drop and heat losses for different types of flow (gas, liquid, two-phase etc.) in PASS/Hydrosystem
  • how to calculate fluid flowrate and select diameters of pipeline in PASS/HYDROSYSTEM
  • how to select pumps for pipelines and size the control valves (using goal-seek analysis) in PASS/HYDROSYSTEM
  • how to perform liquid surge analysis in PASS/HYDROSYSTEM

Presenter: Sergey Lisin, PASS Support and QA engineer.

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