bOS – Digital Twin Solution

bOS, the Digital Twin Solution offered by Nexstpace, is a browser-based application that can integrate all kinds of data – 2D, 3D, GIS, CAD, BIM, point clouds, spreadsheets, photographs, documents, etc. – for a common viewing, collaboration, editing or management experience.

A universal spatial user tool to visualize and manage all your assets and infrastructure, be that a single building, group of buildings, or all your horizontal and linear physical and organizational structures and facilities.

Combining all the information in your world – buildings, roads, pipes, power supplies, GIS, bike tracks, opportunity zones, etc. into a single, holistic tool to simplify access, sharing and integration of data for everyone.  

There is a lot of data out there and Bruce can help you deal with it, make sense of it, easily share it with public and private interests.

And bOS can do this is in a simple and affordable way.

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A few examples of how bOS can help:

  • move from 2D to 3D communication
  • move from managing maps to managing “things”
  • interactive 2D and 3D data story presentations

Customers in local government, transportation, commercial real estate, architecture, engineering, and construction maintain many different software systems and databases with subsets of information.

They are now able, with bOS to create and operate a 3D and 4D Digital Twin Solution