Bob, the mini dishwasher designed with SPH technology !

Throw away the sponge, get Bob !


Bob is inspired from professionals dishwashers and features a multi-propose basket that will prove useful in every occasion.

Bob the mini dishwasher cleans and dries the daily dishes of 2 persons, in only 20 minutes !

Bob is the first plug-and-play dishwasher with a built-in water tank. Just put it on the rack, fill its water tank and feed it with electricity. No plumbing is required!

Bob is compact enough (34x49x49 cm) to stand everywhere!

Bob consumes only 0.35kWh per cycle and uses only 2.4 liters of water per cycle, five time less than handwashing.

Designed with SPH-flow

Bob by Daan Technologies is the result of 4 years of intense R&D effort relying on the world’s most advanced technologies. Thanks Nextflow Software for this successful collaboration!

About Bob and Daan Tech


Created in 2016, Daan Tech is a French company designing, manufacturing and selling home appliances adapted to the 21st century. Daan Tech’s first product is Bob: the world’s smallest and fastest dishwasher, entirely made from recycled plastics, that cleans & dries the dishes of 2 persons in 20 minutes with 3L of water without requiring a water hose. Daan Tech carried successfully a crowdfunding campaign in France in October 2018 and raised funds early 2019.

Bob is being industrialized in Western France and will be released summer 2020. Daan Tech now aims at developing its sales abroad in 2020 (‘blitzscaling’), and more particularly in Western Europe

For more details, please contact us or pre-order Bob on Daan Tech Website.